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Edward Elric Baby Daddy ~ Middle names

>> Prologue <<

"Edward Eugene Elric, get back here this instant!"

The short blond stopped his running long enough to look up at his brother and enquire "Eugene?" With a shrug of his brothers metal shoulders they began sprinting again. The person in question they were running from was none other than Alexandria Armstrong. And before anyone asks, she was in no way related to Alex Louis Armstrong and she hated it even being suggested that she was. Apart from a similar name, she had nothing in common with him. She didn't even look like the man with her long ruby hair and emerald eyes. She was also very slim, though powerful enough to give the Fullmetal Alchemist himself a good run for his money. Speaking of which...Said Alchemist was now running for his life from this woman after having walked into the woman's changing room without even looking and caught her half dressed out of her uniform. He'd apologized with a blush and rushed right back out again but Alexandria gave chase having thrown on her black hoodie and skirt in lightning speed.

As the Elric brothers and Alexandria ran though the halls of Central HQ, numerous people glanced there way though none said nothing. This was a regular occurrence within these walls and the last time someone tried to stop them, they ended up with a broken nose. Needless to say, that was a slow week with the ladies for Roy Mustang. Who was now walking out of his office when he was run into by a very small but very strong person. Looking up, he spotted Alexandria hanging over him, death written over her face. He smirked and was about to say a witty comment about how she had always wanted to get on top of him when....

"Jeez Mustang..! Get outta the way...!" With that, she shot up and ran, literally, over the fallen Colonel, treading on his crotch with her heavy boot as she went. Roy groaned, grabbing his hurt place and rolled into a ball as tears streamed down his face. "Damn it...I didn't even get involved this time. Why is it I'm always the one to get it?!" Looking down at her commanding officer, Hawkeye proclaimed "I don't think your the only one this time Sir...Fullmetal looks like he's going to get his fair share this time." A knowing smile traced her lips as she smiled down the hall in the direction of the fleeing girl.

Having lost sight of the brothers, Alexandria stopped when she came to the busy lobby of the building. Looking around her, she pinpointed the escape routes they could have taken. They wouldn't have dared gone outside...That was to obvious and too open. She'd be sure to find them in no time. No. They were somewhere still in the building, she was sure of it. Turning back on her heal, she remembered passing a supply closet on her way that she could have sworn she heard sounds. When she approached the said closet, she slowed, lightening her footsteps. Near the door was a fire extinguisher. 'that would make a perfect weapon' She thought 'And if they run, I can just spray them to slow them down'. Smiling sadistically, she picked it in one hand as she reached for the door. Turning the handle slowly, she pulled the door open. Alphonse was sat with his back to her, clearly he hadn't noticed her yet, and where Al was, Ed wasn't far. Raising the extinguisher high above her head, her eyes glistened. Alphonse  obviously sensing someone behind him, turned slowly and screamed as he saw Alexandria. She hit him over the head with the extinguisher, it didn't hurt him of course, being made of metal, nothing did but it still shocked him enough to make him fall to the floor. Dropping the weapon, she grabbed a length of chain that was sitting on a shelf and tied up the youngest Elric brother. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry....It was all Ed's fault!" It wasn't unlike him to blame incidence like this on his older brother because it usually was. Alexandria just smiled kindly and knelled down to his head, tapping it lightly. "It's okay Al, I know it was....I just want to know where Ed is, that's all".

Alphonse wasn't stupid, he knew that you'd do far worse to Ed if you got his hands on him. "I don't know...We lost each other when you bumped into Colonel Mustang..."

She sighed, reaching for his head, she began to twist it side to side in order to loosen it. This was her game, catch the younger brother and threaten to take him apart until he told her were to find the older one. She'd never actually break him apart. She knew how fragile his new body was and wouldn't do anything to endanger his soul...But what he didn't know, didn't hurt him. Screaming again, Alphonse gave in "Ahh! If I tell you, will you untie me?!"

Alexandria nodded and gave her warmest smile. "Of course." She replied letting go of his head, still fully attached. "He's in his room! I told him to hide there while I distracted you!" She tapped his head once more before standing. "Thanks Al. I'll be back for you in a bit." She turned her back to him as she began her way out of the closet. "Hey wait! You promised you'd untie me if you told you..!" Standing in the doorway, she looked over her shoulder, an innocent smile playing her lips as she pushed her index finger to them. "Promised? I don't remember promising...Bye Al~!" She shut to door behind her, blocking out his protests.

>>How it happened<<

 Walking in to the Elric's shared room, Alexandria was greeted by an empty room. She knew Edward must be in here because she heard the water from the shower running in the other room. Smirking, Alexandria walked further into the room and locked the door behind her. Kicking off her boots and socks, she walked to he bed and climbed on it. Leaning back against the pillow, she leaned on her elbows, one leg pulled up and the other crossed over the knee of the raised one, and waited patiently for her prey. It didn't take long for after 5 minuets of waiting, she heard the shower switch off and the door to the bathroom opened. Edward walked out, nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. His hair was down and his body glistened from the water still dripping from him. It made her mouth water. Ed walked slowly into the room, over his head was another tower as he dried his hair. Nearing the bed, Alexandria spoke. "Well...I guess now we're even...". Screaming, Ed nearly dropped his towel as he stood gaping at her....On his bed...!

"H-How did you...?"

"Find you?" She finished for him with a chuckle. "Alphonse was so kind as to tell me...."

"You mean you tortured him until he told you..." Regaining his composer, Ed began to dry his hair again as he sat down on the edge of the bed, his back to her. Alexandria shrugged "Tomato....Tamato...."

Watching the way Edward moved his hands over his hair, the way his muscles of his back moved with each rub made Alexandria tingle. Licking her lips to wet them, she got up and knelled on the bed behind him. "Let me..." With that, she pushed his hands away and used the towel to dry his hair herself. Running her fingers though it to de-tangle any knots felt glorious. His hair was so soft and smooth that it even made her jealous about her own hair. She could never get it this straight in her life. Having dried most of his hair, she threw the towel to the floor and pushed his hair over his left shoulder just as a small bead of water ran down his neck. Feeling a surge of confidence, Alexandria leaned down and ran her tongue along his flesh to met it. Tasting it she realised it wasn't water...But sweat. She felt him tense under her mouth and when she looked into his face, he was looking straight ahead, his eyebrows knitted together and his mouth in a tight line. And was that....A blush? She smiled and leaned down so her lips could touch his neck again this time in small butterfly kisses along his flesh and over his shoulder. When she reached the edge of his automail arm, she hesitated before dipping her tongue and traced the line of it, along the scar. Ed gave out a small whimper, he was obviously enjoying this for when she looked down, a small bump had formed in the middle of his towel. She continued her kisses, back the way she came, over the back of his shoulders and along the other. When she reached the dip of his non automail arm, she stopped and pulled away. Though she placed her hand on his shoulders and leaned over so her lips pushed against his ear.

"Why Edward....I thought you just took a shower yet...You taste all dirty..." She chuckled when she earned a gasp from him. Hearing those words drove him crazy. He was so turned on it hurt. It wasn't the first time she'd done this to him, and it was by sure not going to be the last, but when it came down to it...She always left him wanting. Getting up from the bed, she walked until she was stood in front of him. It was only now that Edward could see the reaction this torture had on her. Her face was red, her breath coming in pants and her eyes portrayed the lust mirrored in his own body. Reaching out, Alexandria grabbed his metal hand and reached it up to touch her cheek. It was still warm from his shower and she loved the feel. She closed her eyes as she savoured the moment. "Edward...." She whispered, barley audible. Knowing how she felt, Ed could do nothing but swallow hard as she brushed his hand down, over her chin, down her neck until it reached the zipper of her hoodie. Grasping his fingers around it, Alexandria guided his hand down until the sides of her clothing was pushed open, revealing what she had on underneath.

Having dressed in a hurry, all that she had on was a black lacy bra, now the focus of Edwards attention. Pulling his hand back, Edward stood. Even without his boots on, he was still at least 3 inches above her, and he cupped her cheeks with his hands, tilting it back slightly he pushed his lips against hers. The kiss was slow at first but before long it was hard and passionate. His tongue pushed into her mouth and she greedily sucked on it, earning a groan from him. Ed's hands moved to her shoulders where he pushed off her hoodie letting it fall to the floor in a heap. Alexandria moaned gently as Ed grabbed her hips and tugged her closer. With his body pushed hard against hers as it was, she could feel his growing erection against her hip. She slid her hands into his silky hair, tugging him closer into the kiss. Before she knew it, her skirt and bra were missing and she was in nothing but her boy shorts. She blushed brightly as Ed pulled away from the kiss to look down at her. Even though she felt extremely embarrassed she didn't try to cover up, instead she gave Ed a smirked and, grabbing the edge of the towel, tugged it away from his body and into the heap of cloths at their feet. Ed had the same reaction as her, embarrassment but not ashamed of showing her everything he had.

Alexandria had been with a man before, Russell Tringham as it turns out so she wasn't scared of what was to come. It was more that she was scared that it wouldn't be enough. She'd always fantasied about doing this with Ed....Even through all the fighting, she knew the reason she ripped on him so much was because she had strong feelings for him. 

Dropping to her knees, Alexandria kissed down his chest, paying close attention to the scars that marred his chest. She wanted to let him know that despite being horrific what happened to him, she wasn't afraid of any part of his body. In fact, she loved every part of it...Even his metal limbs. They were what made him....Him!

She sucked at his nipples, biting gently emitting the tiniest hint of pain with her pleasuring. Moving lower, she dipped her tongue into his belly button, feeling the rumble of his frame against her wet flesh. She didn't need to hear the groans of pleasure erupting from his mouth when she could feel it all the same. It was when Ed was distracted by the movement of her hands travelling up his legs towards his butt when she took the tip of his erection in her mouth. Pre cum covered the head, proving to her once more that she was indeed doing something right. Grasping his hips, she slowly slid her mouth down the length of him until she took as much of him in as she could. She began moving her lips across the hard length of him, the hair at his base tickling her nose each time she got close. He wasn't big, but he was big enough...It would be clear to any woman, without even looking at him that this was the body of a man. Granted a short man, but a man none the less.

Groans of pleasure began to spill from Edwards mouth more frequently and she speed up her pace knowing that Ed was close to his climax. Gripping her hair, Ed gave a few pumps of his hips before spilling his seed into her mouth with a cry of her name. Not wanting to waist anything he gave, Alexandria swallowed it.

Ed fell back to sit on the bed with a satisfied sigh. Alexandria stood kneeling in front of him, her elbows on his knees and her head resting on her interlocked fingers. Ed looked at her and smiled, brushing his left thumb over her lips.

"I just have one question?" He asked. "Hmmm..." Was all she could respond. "Whats with the calling me Eugene as my middle name?"

She shrugged half hearted. "I don't know....You just look like a Eugene..."

Ed threw his head back and laughed earning a glare from Alexandria. When he looked back at her, he held a tight smile. "It's not my middle name" Alexandria pouted...She was sure it was true. "....But it's close...." She had a feeling he wasn't going to tell her what it really was, but she was happy none the less.

She was just about to stand up when she felt something nudge under her hands. Lifting them from Ed's lap, his cock sprang up once again. She stared at it wide eyed and pocked at the tip. "Jeez Ed...! Your still hard after that...?"

"Actually..." Ed's eyes were cast to the corner of the ceiling as he blushed. "....Your still naked so...."

She giggled in realisation. She figured as much. After all, Ed was a teenager and his stamina shouldn't surprise her. Standing from her crouch, she pulled down her boy shorts and pushed Ed back against the bed. She climbed over him, her sex hanging over his manhood. Ed gasped and grabbed her hips but made no attempt to stop her. "H-Hey....We can't...Al will be back any minuet..."

"Alphonse!" Alexandria shouted out as she remembered the poor other Elric trapped in a closet that clearly no one used. She gazed back down at Ed, her eyes lustful and a smile on her lips "Oh well...He'll be alright for a few hours..."

Without questioning where his brother was, he aloud her to kiss him as they got into things more intimate than just a heavy blowjob.

>>How he found out<<

Alexandria was stood before the desk of Colonel Roy Mustang. Her arms were tightly tucked at her sides, her legs together as she stood to attention. Even though she was only an assistant to Riza Hawkeye (God knows she needed one to help with her own work while she ran around after Mustang) and weren't officially part of the military, she still work the casual uniform of the female staff. Though these days the waistband of her skirt was feeling pretty tight. She wasn't to bothered about it though as she was 4 months pregnant and unable to do such things about it. Her slightly rounded belly poked out as she stood straight as a rod. She watched Mustang as he ruffled though some papers and handed them to Hawkeye to send off. When he glanced up at her, he smiled and leaned forward slightly.

"You can relax Alex, I didn't call you here on official business." Alexandria relaxed her pose. She sagged her shoulders slightly as her hands came round her front and gasped together. Her hard face softened towards the Colonel. "What is it sir."

"I just though I'd let you know that Fullmetal is due back tomorrow." Alexandria gulped. Ed had been away for the past 3 and a half months doing his thing...When he went away to gather information on the Philosopher's Stone he rarely checked in....And as such was yet to find out about the pregnancy. You'd tried time and time again to get hold of him but with no luck. After that night together, you'd declared the relationship as just that....A relationship. Everyone in Central HQ knew the Fullmetal Alchemist had a girlfriend and...A child on the way. Everyone knew of the baby....Apart from the father.

Alexandria's hand came up to rest on her stomach instinctively  Roy sighed and rounded the desk to her. He gently placed his hand on her shoulder and he looked up at him. "Don't worry. I've already told you, if things go wrong we'll all help out. But if I know Fullmetal...he'll stand up to his irresponsibility." Alexandria smiled at the older male. Despite his cold demeanour, he was a very sweet man and she looked to him as an almost father role. Giving her the rest of the day off, Alexandria decided she was going to take a book into the respite courtyard and read under her favourite tree.

She'd changed out of her uniform to a loss fitting T-shirt and a long skirt but your stomach still showed as it was pulled across it. It was a beautiful spring afternoon and the blossom petals of the tree were falling around her as she read her book. She found it hard to concentrate though as all she could think about was her lover coming back and how he would react when he found out. When she first found out herself, she was ecstatic. Having been a lone child, and an unwanted one at that she vowed long ago that any child she had would be loved no matter what. And she'd stuck to her guns. She loved her baby before she'd even seen it and nothing, not even the father wanting nothing to do with it, would change that

However, that didn't stop her from wishing with all her heart that that wouldn't be the case. Closing her eyes, she rested her head against the the bark of the tree and sighed. She aloud the warm breeze blow across her cheek giving her a little comfort. She was just about relaxing when a pair of footsteps approaching along the grass disturbed her. Looking up, she was greeted by the warm amber eyes of Edward Elric.

Her eyes widened at the site of him as he smiled at her. "Edward?! Mustang said you weren't getting back till tomorrow."

"Ahh, We caught an earlier train." He sat down against the tree at the side of her with a sigh. Closing his eyes he took the same pose you were in when he found her. She watched him, expecting any second for him to look at her and it all be over. But he didn't. Instead, he reached his hand out and placed it over hers as it rested on the grass between them. "I saw Mustang. He said you needed to see me about something."

"Yeah...I do..." Alexandria looked down, her eyes going soft as she looked at her bump. "Thing is Ed....I'm..."

"Can't it wait?" He cut her off. "...It's been a long trip and I just want to sit quietly with you." She wasn't going to deny him his peace. After all, she knew how hard he worked and how little time he actually got to just relax, but she also needed him to know before he found out another way. Lifting their hands that were connected, she brought it over to her and placed it on her protruding belly. With it being his left hand, she hand no doubt that he felt it. Instantly, his eyes shot open and towards where his hand was placed. His eyes were wide as he looked up into her eyes. Hers were thin as she waited for his reaction but she spoke anyway. "....We've got 5 months to wait Ed..."

Edward just stared at her. After a few moments, the silence was starting to irritate her. She'd tried all the time to get Edward Elric to shut his big mouth and the one time he did, it was when she most needed to hear his voice. "Damn it Ed! Say something..."

He didn't. Instead, he leaned in and placed a hard kiss against her lips. He lingered there for a moment or two before he laid down, his head in her lap and his ear against her belly as his hand rubbed gently.

"At least I won't be the shortest one anymore.." He chuckled, making Alexandria chuckle too. "Oh Ed...."

>> Epilogue <<

"Edward! Come on we're going to miss our train!"

Alexandria stood outside the bakery where the Elric brothers were gathering snacks for the journey to Resombool, tapping her foot impatiently. The two brothers exited the shop, both blonds carrying a bag each full of sweet buns. Alexandria sighed, shacking her head. "What?" Ed asked, a half smirk pushed his lips up.

"Nothing, come on." They were only around the corner of the train station where the rest of Mustang's troops were waiting to see them off. As they neared the group, a tiny blond haired boy, who had been playing with Black Hayate and Havoc had looked up and, spotting them ran towards them. "Momma! Papa!"

Alexandria took the bag from Edward, knowing that their 3 year old son would run straight to his father. It couldn't be helped, he was an Elric boy and Elric boys always stuck together. And he did just that, running into Ed's outstretched hands, he lifted him over his head and he pretended to be an aeroplane as he giggled. Ed lowered him back down and rested him in the crock of his now human right arm. Eugene H. Elric was the spitting image of his father apart from his eyes which he inherited from his mother. As they walked, Eugene told them about the fun things that Havoc had shown him in the short while they'd been away.

Coming to the others, Al said his good byes and took all the snakes to the train to find a seat. Alexandria said goodbye as well but left Mustang until last. Stepping in to hug him, she giggled as his moustache tickled her forehead. She looked up and ran her finger against it. "That looks terrible...Get rid of it..."

Mustang smiled back and replied with a chuckle. "If I did, no one would take you seriously..."

"I can't take you seriously with it..." Her smile faded into sadness. "You will come to the wedding, right?"

"I wouldn't miss it. Who else will be there to give you away..." Smiling once again, she leaned up and placed a kiss on his cheek. Edward walked up beside her and Roy reached out for his Godson. "Come here squirt." Eugene crawled into his arms as they shared a hug as Roy told him to be good and that he'd see him soon. Handing him to Alexandria, she said one more goodbye and boarded the train. Edward said farewell and joined her and his brother not a minuet later.

As the train pulled away, they all leaned out of the window to wave at their friends as they became small specks in the background. A few hours into the train ride, Alphonse was asleep across the bench, Eugene was asleep in Alexandria's arms and she herself laid her head sleepily on Ed's shoulder. Ed had his arm around her and his son and he breathed into her hair.

"Edmond..." Alexandria looked up at him in confusion. He smiled down at her. "...My middle name...It's Edmond..." She smiled and placed her head back against his shoulder as she closed her eyes, drifting off into sleep herself. "...That wasn't close...At all..."


  1. fucking amazing story you should get it published as fan fiction